- In tribute to Tyler AKA grungefade. Love you man.

15 years later Welcome back, it has been a while! I have revived this page not only as a tribute to silverchair but as a tribute to Tyler Reeve, AKA grungefade, who was the man who started silverchairAssociation. I will try to repair all these dead links, but there will not be an influx of news or new content or anything. I remember being absolutely obsessed with silverchair and also website development when I was in my really early teens. Instead of being annoyed with me and my (probably overwhelming and exhausting) enthusiasm, Tyler trusted me with looking after this site and trying to entertain all of you awesome silverchair fans.

I remember being on a 56kbps connection when Tyler first opened up his FTP server to me. As well as the website files, he'd included a whole bunch of live audio and video for me. Being a kid in a candy store is an understatement, I couldn't believe it! This site was one of the first tech projects I ever worked on, and Tyler was the first person I really collaborated on a project with. I'm forever grateful for our friendship and the opportunity to learn from Tyler and work on this page. I remember telling a teacher at school when I was about 14 that I had an online mate in America who I worked with on a website. She thought I was delusional. How times have changed!

Here is the website how it was in about 2006. I believe silverchair have already rocked the pyramid, so don't get too excited. I'll be rebuilding different areas of the site as I put together the pieces from my old hard drives.

Again, the site won't really be updated apart from making it how it looked in 2006. I won't be posting news updates or new content apart from maybe some extra material in the multimedia sections.

Take care, beautiful fan of silverchair.


SILVERCHAIR to rock the Pyramid Silverchair will headline this year's Pyramid Festival on Philip Island on December 30th. It will be the band's first Victorian show in over three and half years and will see them joining artists like The Living End, Xavier Rudd, Beautiful Girls and Mylo at the popular New Years event...More

SILVERCHAIR TO HEADLINE HOMEBAKE! Homebake has sold out, but channel [V] are currently running a competition to win tickets to homebake and meet silverchair backstage.


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